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...From the New York Times

I am deviating from my usual process today to share a video from the New York Times. The video revealed nothing I did not already know, however it also startled me. The New York Times was now engaged in a dialog that has spanned almost 60 years of my life, one primarily a dialog among professional registered nurses. Covid has shone a bright, perhaps blinding light on the content of this dialog.

Nurses have had difficulty getting the public’s attention about the content of this video, and the NYT calls it an “opinion” piece. It is perhaps symbolic of our struggle that when I tried to post the link to the video, I ended up enmeshed in over an hour of self-tutelage with the practices of Word Press, which apparently does not have an agreement with the NYT to post its content. So I will tell you the title so you can Google it:

We Know the Real Cause of the Crisis in Our Hospitals. It’s Greed. Nurses would like to set the record straight on the hospital staffing crisis.

Alternately, you can watch the video below.

At this point, I am feeling like I am posting a commentary on how an OWL manages the constraints of both technology and her own limitations. (I am picturing large numbers of “experts” muttering to themselves…”all she had to do was….”)

I usually provide a photo when I post, drawn from my years of taking pictures of that which inspires or moves me. No photo fits this posting. I also provide a quote. No quote captures this posting.

I will let the video speak for itself. It is my hope that you share it with as many people as you can.


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