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Change Happens

You may have noticed that this blog has a "new look"! I have switched platforms and happily feel this option is better for my purposes. As you may also note, several postings are readily available and you now have information about how long each takes to read. I like that!

The decision to make this change was in part influenced by the completion of my website that describes my coaching services. The name of that enterprise, not surprisingly, is "courage" and the blog and the website are siblings, of sorts. If you are interested in more information about my coaching services or know someone who is, the link is www.phylliskritek. com

I feel great relief at having completed these two expressions of a presence on the internet, and intend to continue to develop and refine both. I invite you to continue to read and react, and hope more than anything that you share postings that moved you. When I said I wanted the blog to start conversations, it was my hope that you, the reader,, would share postings and start conversations with people important in your life. I continue to hope for that.


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